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Tamela Karn
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Tamela Karn
I love teaching high school Earth Science to 210 eighth graders each day. Along with Earth Science, I help prepare my students for high school next year and for college in the future. I teach them how to be organized, how to study for tests (boy, do they resist that!) and every day they are preparing for their future. We have not had a budget for science courses for most of my 14 years of teaching. I have always purchased most of our lab materials, school supplies, printer ink, paper,technology, prizes for incentives, posters, teacher resource materials, plastic bags, hand sanitizer a, tissue, paper towels, soap, books and more books, etc. While there are a lot of science materials we could use, simple classroom materials would be greatly appreciated. A pencil sharpener that works and pencils that actually sharpen would be awesome. Just today, one of students asked if we could buy "the good pencils we have during MEAP" testing (Ticonderoga) rather than the cheap ones that have broken leads inside the pencils or are misdrilled and won't sharpen. Thank you for supporting my students! They are worth my time, money and effort, I only wish I do more!